June 7 - 14 (crew confirmed)

Leg 1: Pisa to Portoferraio (Elba)

From the starting point up the Arno River near pisa, the route will go south along the Tuscan coast with mainland stops in Livorno and Castiglioncello. This short leg will end on the fantastic Italian island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Pisa, Florence, Elba

  2. -Ferry to Elba

June 14 - 21 (crew confirmed)

Leg 2: Portoferraio (Elba) to Calvi (Corsica)

Before leaving Elba, we will dock at the Marciana marina and hike up to the cozy hillside town of Poggio. On the way to Corsica, one often stops on the quaint island of Capraia in the Tuscan archipelago before rounding Capo Corso, the feared northern finger of the French island of Corsica. Calvi awaits at the end of the leg, with its citadel, crystal clear bay, and 3000 meter mountains as a backdrop.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio

  2. -Ferries to Corsica

June 22 - 29 (crew confirmed)

Leg 3: Calvi (Corsica) to Bonifacio (Corsica)

From Calvi, we continue south down Corsica’s west coast with stops in Girolata and Ajaccio among others. This coast is known for its rugged beauty, as “the shores rise up, play with colours and become in places of an intense red. Pillars, caves, sheer cliffs, tiny passages among rocks and deep, I mean really deep-blue waters.” This leg ends in Bonifacio, one of the most magnificent natural harbors in the Med, with a medieval town to match.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio

  2. -Ferries to Corsica

June 29 - July 6 (crew confirmed)

Leg 4: Bonifacio (Corsica) to Porto Cervo (Sardinia)

Just a short sail from Bonifacio lies Sardinia’s “paradise of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, formed by 23 small and large islands, which is an irresistible attraction for those who love the sea.” This is where Italy’s rich and famous play, and we do plan to crash the party further south at Costa Smeralda’s Porto Cervo, recently developed by the Muslim leader Prince Karim Aga Khan.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Olbia

  2. -Ferries to Sardinia

July 6 - 26 (crew confirmed)

Leg 5: Porto Cervo (Sardinia) to Catania (Sicily)

After another stop or two along Sardinia’s east coast, we’ll make the 36 hour crossing to Sicily and the actively volcanic Aeolian islands. Stops will include the “delightful medieval town” Cefalu and Catania which features “two old Roman amphitheaters” and a “grand nightlife - cafes and restaurants take over the streets at night and the town really comes to life”. Other highlights include the fabled Straits of Messina and the active volcanos of Stromboli and Mount Etna.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Catania, Palermo, Trapani

  2. -Ferries to Sicily

July 26 - August 10 (crew confirmed)

Leg 6: Catania (Sicily) to Herceg Novi (Montenegro)

This legs begins with one last stop on Sicily, Syracuse. Its cathedral incorporates old fluted columns from a Greek temple built in 500 B.C. From Syracuse we will go into delivery mode, as the 300 mile (55 hour) stretch around the boot of Italy to Brindisi has few attractive stops. An additional 100 miles across the Adriatic Sea brings us to Montenegro and its remarkably protected Gulf of Kotor, thought of by some as the most beautiful bay in Europe. The town of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its medieval architecture.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Tivat, Dubrovnik

August 10 - 16 (crew confirmed)

Leg 7: Montenegro to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

This short leg features further exploration of the magnificent Gulf of Kotor as well as Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline. Just north, across the border to Croatia, lies yet another World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik, this leg’s final stop.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Tivat, Dubrovnik

August 16 - 23 (crew confirmed)

Leg 8: Dubrovnik to Korcula (Croatia)

The recently rediscovered Dalmatian Coast is amazing. Starting in the south at Dubrovnik, a World Heritage Site, the route will wind its way northward with stops in many towns and natural harbors. The short leg ends at the charming island of Korcula.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Dubrovnik, Split

August 23 - 31 (crew confirmed)

Leg 9: Korcula to Split (Croatia)

From Korcula, we head north to the party zone, otherwise known as the little island town of Hvar. It should be completely off the hook as vacationing Europeans descend upon this exceptional medieval village. The party ends in Split.

Transit options:

  1. -Flights to Split

August 31 - September 7 (crew confirmed)

Leg 10: Split (Croatia)

To mark the end of this three-month long adventure, Geja will casually cruise the Dalmatian archipelago near Split. There are many islands and natural harbors to explore, which will be the theme of this final week.

Here is the proposed route, broken up into individual legs with transit options at each end. Weather, mechanical issues, and hangovers may affect the schedule. Crew may join or depart mid-leg if better transit options and/or limiting holiday schedules are present.

Route images of individual legs are in the photos section.

Last updated June 1, 2008.