The 2014 Route
To Venice and back, it’s
going to be a great voyage! The dates and places below are subject to change as the crews for the various legs are assembled.

Typically there are a total of three people aboard. If two people share what is usually the captain’s cabin up front, four people can be accommodated. Read more in the frequently asked questions.

Croatia in particular is a very easy, safe, and affordable place to travel. When booking flights in and out of Croatia, don’t hesitate to jump on a cheaper/faster flight even if it means that you would arrive too early (or depart too late). Rooms in private homes are cheap and plentiful throughout the country, or maybe there would be room on the boat.

Try and to research flights within Europe. SkyScanner is particularly good at piecing together itineraries from multiple budget airlines.

Route Version 1.0, updated June 30

Transit options: Split (SPU) airport

July 10 - 18 (pretty much full)

Leg 1: Split to Zadar, Croatia

This is a classic route up the central
Dalmatian coast. The first stop, Primosten, is a peaceful and postcard-perfect holiday village. The town of Vodice is a wild and backpacker-free party spot. Tisno just happens to be hosting the Electric Elephant Festival as Geja sails by. And prior to reaching Zadar, Geja will anchor for a night or two in the stark, hiking-friendly Kornati Islands, a national park.

Transit options: Split (SPU), Zadar (ZAD) airports

July 19 - (24 or 27) (still room for one or maybe two more)

Leg 2: Zadar to Krk, Croatia

The voyage continues north from
the bustling mainland town of Zadar. Geja will visit the quaint villages on islands such Dugi Otok and Olib, restock the pantry in medieval Rab Town, and tuck into one of the most dramatic anchorages in the Med, Zavratnica. Depending on the crew’s wishes, a visit to the island of Pag and its notorious party beach, Zrce, can easily be included. The leg ends somewhere on the island of Krk, on which the Rijeka airport is located.

Transit options: Zadar (ZAD), Rijeka (RJK) airports

July 28 – August 2 (pretty much full)

Leg 3: Krk to Pula, Croatia

This leg explores the Gulf of Kvarner, a
place with no shortage of highlights. From Krk, Geja will sail north to Opatija, a seaside resort town developed by Austrian noblemen in the late 1800’s. It’s a gem of a place, unlike any other in Croatia. Backtracking south Cres Town on the island of the same name is a wonderful little spot, with a nearby swimming cave to explore. The leg concludes at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula and the town of Pula, home of one of the best-preserved roman amphitheaters.

Transit options: Pula (PUY) airport

August 3 – 10 (totally full)

Leg 4: Pula, Croatia to Venice, Italy

Three countries in a week? Why not?
From Pula, Geja heads up the Istria peninsula, the highlight of which is the town of Rovinj, one of Croatia’s most picturesque. The next stop of Porec is both historic and a somewhat rowdy party place. Geja will then cross the border into Slovenia and its uber-charming town of Piran. To top off an already amazing week, the leg ends with a long day of sailing across the Adriatic Sea to Venice, the ultimate nautical destination.

Transit options: Venice (VCE), Venice (TSF) airports

August 11 – 17 (just maybe room for one more)

Leg 5: Venice to Rimini, Italy

The week begins with a
couple of hangout days in Venice, exploring its famous canals in Geja’s dinghy. From the town of Chioggia, Geja will exit the vast Venice Lagoon and follow the Italian coastline south. The first stop, Ravenna, is home to a whopping eight UNESCO World Heritage Sights. There is a slew of open-air nightclubs near the marina, and mid-August is the peak of the vacation season. Further south, Cesenautico is a charming little harbor town with a floating nautical museum, and Rimini, where the leg ends, has a decades-long reputation as a party town.

Transit options: Rimini (RMI), Ancona (AOI), Bologna (BLQ) airports

August 18 – 29 (still room for one or maybe two more)

Leg 6: Rimini, Italy to Split, Croatia

During this extended season-ending
leg, Geja will hop along the Italian coast a bit more before crossing the Adriatic Sea overnight back to Croatia’s Dalmatian islands, at which point if will be easy cruising among the Kornati Islands and others. The leg will include a voyage up the Krka River to Skradin, gateway to the Krka National Park and its dramatic cascading waterfalls. The towns of Sibenik and Primosten will be explored, as well as some of Croatia’s iconic island anchorages. Crewmembers desiring only a partial stay on this leg are welcome.

Transit options: Split (SPU) airport